Langebec Fine Flake Wood Shavings

fine flake wood shavingsLangebec fine flake wood shavings offer a super absorbent mix of pine, fir and spruce wood shavings. These wood shavings are is cut very fine making them very popular for dairy and swine applications because it provides maximum absorption of fluids and protection from bacteria. Langebec fine flake wood shavings contain approximately 8% moisture content and as with all Langebec products they are all natural containing no chemicals, no glues and no filler materials. The Langebec fine flake premium wood shaving is made in North America as a by-product of the lumber industry and M&N Hay Sales serves as the preferred factory and wholesale distributor shipping our fine flake wood shavings to destinations in NJ, PA, DE, MD and VA. Ask us about wholesale pallet delivery. Unlike our competitors, all our deliveries are palletized.

Wholesale Langebec Fine Flake Wood Shavings

  • Perfect for Hogs and Cows

  • Most Absorption of all Langebeck Shavings

  • Made from 100% Natural Softwood

  • Compacted Small 2.8 Cubic Feet Bags (on pallets)

  • Compacted Large 3.25 Cubic Feet Bags (on pallets)

  • All Loads Shipped on Pallets for Ease of Use

  • Drop Trailers Available for Feed Stores and Retail Supply Stores

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